The Insight To 580 Gerard |The New Development By ISSAC & STERN


Issac & Stern architects have finally revealed the first look at 580 Gerard; both its architecture and exterior. The land being developed was purchased by Silverback Development in Q3 2020 and offers 214,800 square feet of development rights.

This $90 million construction will be an eight-story multi-family rental complex. It will contain 200 units, of which 30% are designated as affordable housing and range in size with one or two rooms. It will also contain parking, retail space, and other modern amenities.

Moreover, it will incorporate modern architecture with high-end finishes, a sun deck, touchless elevators, a fitness centre, a yoga room, a party room, and bike storage.

You will find everything within walking distance of this new construction: express 2, 4, and 5 subway lines, local landmarks, and the new soccer stadium megaproject. The planning stage of this development has already been completed and it’s believed that construction will begin soon.

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